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Member of New England Kiln Drying Association
Member of New England Kiln Drying Association
Member of the Forest Products Society
Member of the Forest Products Society
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Welcome to Garrahan Consulting

Garrahan Consulting

Garrahan Consulting was established to provide technical support to the wood products industry in the areas of wood drying and heat treatment (for Phytosanitary purposes). Garrahan Consulting can provide a thorough review and unique perspective on your needs or performance in each of these areas. My objective is to provide your company with an independent source of information to help make decisions on the need for and type of change required.

Companies often get trapped between opposing views of their own staff and this becomes even more confusing when other single interest parties (i.e. equipment suppliers) become involved.  My approach is to help you define what your objectives are and from there develop a roadmap on how to achieve them while taking into account the needs and constraints of the various parties involved.

I am confident my experience and skills can assist you in improving your operations.

Area's of Expertise:

  • Softwood, dimension lumber drying
  • Hardwood drying
  • Heat treatment for export
  • Quality control programs
  • Moisture measurement
  • Personnel training


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